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Direct Line to ShareASale CEO

ShareASale is one of my favorite networks and they continue to impress me.  They have areas they can improve one, we all know that but what is great and unique is that they know it too.  ShareASale has created a minisite that encourages affiliates and merchants to send completely anonymous suggestions/complaints to the CEO of the company, Brian Littleton.   It’s a great opportunity to help this already very successful network do an even better job for it’s affiliates and merchants.  ShareASale wrote a blog post about this, you can read the full story by clicking here or skip directly to their brand new mini feedback site.

If you are not currently working with ShareASale, there is no better time to check them out with the holidays quickly approaching.  Check them out at the links below:

ShareASale Closed Today for 9/11

I have been an affiliate and merchant of ShareASale for years and was surprised to see that they were closed today.  I am not sure why, they close every year on this day in remembrance of the terrorist attacks on the US in 2001.  I wonder why more companies don’t do this.  It’s an event that affected millions of people, both in the US and outside of the US.  It’s shaped how we, as a Country, dealt with the rest of the world over the last 8 years.  It was a huge tragedy that brought the entire country together.  I remember the day it happened, I was working from home, turned on the TV to watch the news and couldn’t believe what I was watching.

Will it take this day becoming a National holiday before more companies do what ShareASale did today? ShareASale should be commended for putting the remembrance of such a horrible ahead of business.

GSI Commerce Acquires Pepperjam Network

Wow, this is pretty big news about two companies that are pretty local to me.  GSI Commerce (NASDAQ: GSIC), a leading Ecommerce solution provider has entered the affiliate network space by acquiring Pepperjam Network.   I am based in Reading, PA, Pepperjam Affiliate network is based in Wilkes Barre, PA and GSI Commerce is based in King of Prussia PA.  Both of them are within an hour of me so it’s pretty great to see these two local companies come together.

The details of the deal were not disclosed but what we know ist hat GSI Commerce acquired all of Pepperjam’s search marketing service but only certain aspects of it’s affiliate network.

GSI Commerce represents a pretty impressive group of online retailers.  Their strength has been in providing Ecommerce and Multichannel solutions.  Affiliate marketing has always been an important key to the success of their clients.  Last year, their affiliate marketing channel generated $100 Million for their clients.  We can only think that will increase now that they have their own network.  Especially since the Pepperjam network is so impressive in their service, their platform and their offers.

You can read the full article by clicking here or you can go directly to Pepperjam and sign up as an affiliate

Epicenter Network Pays Nearly $1Million

Epicenter is not a network we have worked with yet or done any kind of thorough review of but we did come across some interesting news on their web site today.  On July 20th, they posted a press release stating that they paid out nearly $1,000,000 to affiliates in the first half of 2009.  That’s pretty impressive for a relative newcomer (they were founded in 2005).  These commissions were paid to affiliates that used the companies DM2 web hosting and design platform.

“Epicenter Network’s DM2 is the only platform of its kind to aggressively share revenue with its publishers. The huge amount of income distributed to network participants speaks volumes about the quality of the DM2 site development tools, as well as the attractiveness of the DM2 business model,” said Smokey Burns, CEO of DM2 parent company Epicenter Network. “All types of Web entrepreneurs, whether domain owners, site developers, content developers, affiliate marketers or simply someone with a great web site idea, are discovering the ability to realize income through DM2.”

We applied to Epicenter earlier today and hope to get a chance to review their network and their platform in the coming weeks.  Until then, you can head over to the Epicenter web site and read the full press release.

Motive Interactive Network Review

motiveMotive Interactive is very similar to what we tried to do with oh so many years ago.  The main difference is, they have done a better job.  Motive is an affiliate network that specializes in CPA offers.  They were founded by Brendan J. Smith and Colin Johnson back in 2003.  Read our full Review of Motive Interactive below.

Much like us, they couldn’t find software that they liked so they set out to build their own.  Their proprietary performance advertising platform is called Advent and it’s pretty impressive.  Having been where they were, I know how much time, effort and money goes into building a system like this.   The platform uses Ajax technology to deliver the data you want quickly.  This technology makes the internal navigation easy and convenient as everything you need loads right there on the same page.  Finding the right types of offers with the ad types you are interested in is easy with their search system.

But as we all know, technology can only get you so far.  It’s important and as an affiliate you need to be confident in the technology that powers a network but it’s only part of the equation.  They still need to have worthwhile offers to promote.  So, how does Motive rank in terms of their list of offers?  I wouldn’t say they are in the top 5 in this area but they have a very respectable list offers to promote and are certainly above average.   As of today, while writing this review, Motive Interactive has 255 live offers.  They claim (like every other network) that they have the highest payouts on these offers.  I didn’t take the time to verify this with every offer they have but the offers I did check they were very competitive.  They have the standard ad types that most networks seem to have but I did spot a few programs that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

They offer a great selection of ad types, including banners, email, POP, social media, co-registration, incentivized, search and text links.  Of course, not all ad types are available with each offer but it’s nice to know that they support a wide variety.

On their web site they highlight the following reasons why a publisher/affiliate should consider using them:

  • Highest Payouts
  • Top Performing Offers
  • Reliable Payment Schedule
  • Host and Post Offers
  • Best in class Interface
  • Advanced Tracking and Reporting
  • Registration Path Technology
  • SID and AID Technology
  • Multiple Ad Formats and Ability to Customize
  • Superior Customer Service

Some of that is marketing speak that I can’t speak to, I haven’t used them long enough to speak to all of those points.  However, the points that I can speak to, the offers and technology, I think are pretty spot on.  If you haven’t tried this network out yet, it is one that I recommend.   Go to Motive Interactive’s Publisher Sign Up page and fill out the application.  Expect to get a phone call or email from them verifying your information.  That is something that not enough networks do, I love know that they go the extra mile to ensure that the affiliates they are bringing in are of a certain quality.