Pepperjam Affiliate Network Review

pepperjam_affiliate_networkThis review is going to be from the perspective of the affiliate.  We will follow up and write another review from the advertisers perspective once we have had a chance to explore that area of Pepperjam a little more thoroughly.

I am fairly new to the Pepperjam Affiliate network but man, color me impressed!  The company was founded in 1999 by Internet marketer Kristopher B. Jones.  Their offices are actually pretty close to me, they are based out of Wilkes-Barre, PA which is about 2 hours north of our offices in Reading, PA.

They started out as affiliates themselves and leveraged their success and expertise by switching sides and becoming an affiliate network. The huge benefit of the path they took is that they have a very strong understanding of what affiliates are looking for in a network.  They took the concepts they liked from other networks and programs and improved upon the things they didn’t like.  Their mission was to solve two major problems that they saw in the affiliate marketing industry.  The first was poor and unreliable communication and the second was lack of real transparency into how programs were performing.

The software that runs their network appears to be completely custom made and is pretty and functional at the same time.  Too often networks hide behind fancy graphs but lack the tools that real affiliates need to really succeed.  That is not the case with Pepperjam.  They have the fancy graphs but they are actually useful and give you real data to test against.   Of the offers I have tested, they offer a wide array of linking options and give you the ability to add your own tracking id to each URL you deploy so you can test what is working and what isn’t.  These are tools that are designed to help affiliates make more money for their advertisers.  It seems like such an obvious concept and Pepperjam isn’t the only network offering these kinds of tools but they are certainly one of the best.

They offer both revenue share offers where you are paid for a % of a sale  and CPA offers where you are paid based on an action other than a sale.  They offer you all of the tools you would expect from a top-tier network and some that I hadn’t seen before.  You can grab coupons, generate coupon feeds for easy integration into your site, build out a store with product feeds, build out customized contextual ads with their pepperjamADS system and more.  This all keeps coming back to the fact that the tools they provide are impressive and if you know how to use them, you can make more money with the same offer on Pepperjam than you could with a network that doesn’t offer these tools.

At the time of writing this review they have 557 active offers and the most important part of that number is that these are NOT the same old offers you see in every other network.  They have some very impressive companies and some really great exclusive offers that you will only find at Pepperjam.

In conclusion, Pepperjam is a network that we strongly recommend.  At the very least, you need to sign up and take a peek under the hood, you will be impressed. Sign Up for Pepperjam Network and Get a $10 Sign On Bonus

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3 Responses to “Pepperjam Affiliate Network Review”

  1. Kris Jones  on March 1st, 2009

    Outstanding review!

    We appreciate the thoroughness of your review and appreciate your support.

    Kris Jones

  2. Egor  on March 17th, 2009

    Hey! been surfing the net for Affiliate Review and found your blog reg Pepperjam Affiliate Network Review. You relly know your stuff! I\’d like to see more posts here. Will definitely bookmark this one and come back.

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