Maxbounty Affiliate Network Review

Oh so long ago, when was still a CPA network, was one of my competitors.  It was founded by JP Suave who I used to see around the GeekTalk message board.  He may still be a regular there, it’s been awhile since I was active on any message board.  Both of us had very similar businesses and although I never met JP, I had a good sense of the man from his posts at GeekTalk and I respected him.   When I was looking for someone to acquire us, JP and MaxBounty was the first place we turned.  We worked out a deal and the rest is history.

It’s been a long time since I have done anything with the domain name.  For the last couple of years it simply had a basic message on it letting visitors know that the network is no longer in business.  Since I sold LeadCrunch, I have continued to remain very active in the affiliate marketing world on both sides of the table.  I manage several independent affiliate programs and have multiple sites that I use to generate affiliate revenue.  One of the companies I continued to work with after the acquisition was MaxBounty.  With all that connected history with me and the old LeadCrunch, I thought they would be a good company to start off my new blog.

Web Site and Interface

The web site doesn’t seem to have changed much in the last couple of years.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I believe that carries over towards the interface that affiliates are presented with on the inside.  Affiliate Marketing is so competitive and there are so many affiliate networks competing for affiliate traffic, the interface including reporting and the ability to quickly find merchants you are interested in, can be very important to affiliates.  I think MaxBounty could do a much better job of presenting the offers they have available and making them easier for affiliates to browse.  The approach they have taken seems to be simplicity and I actually like that about them, but in some respects, it’s a little too simple

What about the Offers?

MaxBounty has a lot of good offers and focuses largely on lead generation which is what we used to do with LeadCrunch.  I think they do an excellent job of bringing in new offers and staying on top of the offers that are already live in their system.  They provide reporting on what the average EPC is for the network and they give you a variety of fresh creatives to use.

Do they pay on time

MaxBounty does an excellent job when it comes to paying their affiliaets.  I never received a check late and even though the company is based in Canada, they pay out in your local currency which is a very nice feature considering they are a small company.  I would guess they have a service that processes payments for them.

Do I Recommend Them?

Absolutely, I think they do a great job.  The key with any cost per lead network is to find offers that match up well with your audience.  If you can match your ad to your audience, CPL offers can pay out quite well.

Sign up with them today and check out their offers. You can get to their site by Clicking Here