Amplify Your Account-Based Lookalikes.

Get your content in front of prospects who look like your best customers. Pilot an outbound campaign. Tune the predictive model with feedback. Get better and better results.

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How Do You Predict the Future? Better Data.

Targeting with traditional firmographics creates two big problems. You market to many companies who won’t buy. You miss companies who would. These problems happen because firmographics are inaccurate and inadequate. LeadCrunch uses artificial intelligence to re-imagine B2B data designed to make predictions.

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Share your qualification criteria and persona profiles.

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Give us a list of your best customers and the content you want us to promote.

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Tell us how the leads performed so we can tune the model.

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Every Marketing Lead Validated and Guaranteed.

Every lead gets confirmed on LinkedIn, by email and phone. Every lead complies with your campaign specs, too.

“Once we knew LeadCrunch had a repeatable, predictable model of our customer base to deliver high conversion top-of-the-funnel leads, we simply pointed it into new territories to help us rapidly expand into new markets.”

- Christian Hastings ( GoShare )

"LeadCrunch is creating opportunities at a rate we haven't seen before."

- Bryce Roberts, Manager, Demand Generation, Oracle Bronto
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