6 B2B Influencers You Should Be Following On Twitter


By Austin Fennacy

Do you know why 44% of B2B marketers meet at least once a week to discuss their campaigns? Swapping information and knowledge leads to better outcomes. So meeting to trade marketing war stories helps them find answers.

But sometimes you need to look outside your organization for objective feedback. That’s where Twitter comes in. Twitter is more than just a place to inject your random B2B thoughts at lunch time.

Instead, Twitter is a place where you can connect with some of the leading figures in B2B marketing without ever meeting in person. These figures provide valuable feedback that can help you boost sales and revenues.

So which B2B influencers should you connect with on Twitter? See below to find six B2B influencers you need to follow on this social media site:

The six people below all provide a unique viewpoint about key B2B marketing areas that can help you drive sales and boost revenues:

  • Nickie Bartels

Nickie Bartels is the editor of Influence & Co.—a major website dedicated to helping B2B marketers with their content strategies.

Bartels champions one of the biggest content marketing trends in B2B, “Content’s domination of the industry has captured the attention of marketers for years, and it’s clear marketing leaders are continuing to strengthen and measure their efforts.”

So he discusses the latest content on the site and regularly answers Tweets from readers. If you need help with B2B content, this is the person to follow.

  • Joe Lazauskas

Joe Lazauskas is a rising star in B2B. He’s become something of an expert that many B2B firms go to. The main B2B philosophy he advocates is, “Craft an editorial mission that you believe in – one that fully serves your readers.”

In other words, he believes in the value of B2B marketing with a centralized focus on relationships. And this is a philosophy that has been extremely successful for all the firms that have tried it.

Follow Lazauskas on Twitter and you can learn how to best serve your readers.He regularly puts out useful information completely free of charge.

  • Ann Handley

Ann Handley believes that bold and brave content is the key to moving forward. She provides a range of high-quality insights for B2B marketers.

In addition, she’s appeared as keynote speaker at a wide variety of business conferences and is renowned author on the subject.

You can also connect with the MarketingPros for B2B Marketers website through the same account and get more expert advice from there.

  • Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin rose to prominence through his helpful Whiteboard Friday videos. When you connect with Fishkin’s account, you’ll be able to target business areas that B2B firms commonly struggle with.

He goes beyond mere content and focuses on on the SEO side of things, as well as on how to leverage technology to enhance marketing campaigns.

What we love about Fishkin’s Twitter feed is that he simplifies things. You don’t have to know everything about everything to succeed here. He puts it into words that even the newest B2B marketer can understand.

  • Hiten Shah

You may already know Hiten Shah as the co-founder of the KISS Metrics and Crazy Egg websites. The reason for his success is that he produces actionable content on branding and B2B content marketing.

The content you get on his Twitter feed is a compilation and extension of the regular publications he has via his newsletters and on the various websites he runs.

If you’re already a fan of him, follow him on Twitter to get even more value from the connection.

  • Susanna Gebauer

Firms often struggle to grasp what digital marketing is and what it means for them. All the studies point toward the vast majority of companies selling to other businesses not having firm goals and not having firm plans for how to accomplish their goals.

Susanna Gebauer is a master of this type of marketing. She will show you exactly what you need to do to begin working towards your goals.

And she does this through tips no more than 140 characters long. She also regularly shares useful content from other sources.

Last Word – Use Social Media Wisely

Too often social media is purely about  browsing the feeds of people who don’t really matter. That wastes time.

The most successful people in the world are those who use their downtime wisely. Whenever you find yourself browsing social media, you should be focusing on how you can learn and how you can get better at what you do.

Following the right B2B influencers on Twitter can inspire you inspiration and provide tidbits that could take your business to the next level. They may also uncover new influencer marketing opportunities for your brand.

Think about who you can learn from so you can get better results in the world of B2B today.