How To Attract Gen Zers to Your Blog


As a blogger, you know how important it is to attract as many readers as you can to your website. Whatever your topic may be, whether it’s accounting advice or tales of travel, your blog is important to you. Some bloggers make money from affiliate ads; others use their blog as a way to attract potential customers to their business. And even though you’ve conducted lots of customer research, and mastered the art of writing an awesome blog post quickly, that doesn’t mean you still don’t have work to do. Because recently, you’ve been thinking that you want to attract Gen Zers to your blog. And they’re a mystery to you.


Luckily, there are some great strategies you can use to attract Gen Zers to your blog. It’s all about understanding their preferences, and how in many ways, they’re different than any other generation (even millennials!). So if you want to learn the top strategies for attracting Gen Zers to your blog, read on.


1 Make your blog site mobile friendly


If you’ve ever been amongst Gen Zers, whether that’s on a college campus or running errands downtown, there’s one trend that you’ve noticed all of them follow: they’re always on their phones. And it’s no surprise, considering that this generation has grown up with information at their fingertips, whether that’s with a smartphone or a tablet always on hand. It’s how they communicate with their friends, too. They’re always scrolling through Instagram and checking Snapchat to see what their friends, and favorite celebrities, are doing. In 2017, Gen Zers spent over four hours a day, and this number of hours is sure to grow.


So if you want their attention, you need to be able to reach them on their phones. This means having a website that’s easy to navigate on a small screen. It also means that the last thing you want is them pinching at their screen to zoom in and out so they can read your content! To learn more, check out this guide from First Site Guide on how to make your site mobile friendly.


2 Tell stories


According to entrepreneur and social media expert Deep Patel, “Gen Zers are the first generation that has never known life without easy Internet access…they recognize the value of their attention. They don’t sit through ads. They don’t give heavily sponsored content the time of day. What they’re looking for is value.” In other words, Gen Zers will know right away whether the blog post you’re writing is sponsored. They’ll know if you’ve just written it to get your blog post done for the week. And they’ll promptly stop following your blog.


Instead, make your content wonderful. Make it funny. Include a narrative. And if you can, make it a series. Remember Gen Zers are always using features like Instagram stories and Snapchat stories, and waiting for updates from their favorite brands about how their latest fundraising effort is going. Gen Zers will soon make up 40 percent of US consumers, so it’s worth putting in the extra effort to be a little more like Shakespeare (or the writers of Rick and Morty). To learn more about storytelling techniques for bloggers, review these tips.


3 Engage as much as you can


According to Adweek, “If Gen-Z consumers help produce or create the message, they’ll be more responsive to it. Hollister implemented this approach successfully: Its Snapchat geofilters provide a real-life take on the brand that both relies and focuses on the Gen-Z shopper, rather than just throwing an ad in front of the Gen-Z consumer. Snapchat geofilters are participatory in the way consumers share the experience with the brand, thus connecting with Gen Z.” This ad campaign involved actual Gen Zers–so if you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, you have to do the same.


For example, consider having a Gen Zer write a guest post for your blog. It shows that you respect this generation and their opinions, which is not only important to them but will also differentiate you from competitors who might be too stubborn or old-fashioned to do this. Additionally, they’ll share it with their followers on social media, which will get you more followers. 88 percent of Gen Z students surveyed by SCG used Snapchat and Instagram, so it’s a guaranteed share.


By using these strategies, you’ll attract Gen Zers to your blog–which in turn will attract even more Gen Zers. It’s all about knowing how to reach them, and how to keep them interested once they’re reading your content.


What other strategies do you use to attract readers to your blog?