How To Bring Back Lost B2B Leads Into Your Sales Funnel


By Austin Fennacy

1B2B leads go bad all the time. Many leads go bad simply because sales reps forget about them. By the time they get in touch with them again, these leads are either outdated or have no idea who’s contacting them or what your company is all about.

You can try to use outside resources, like artificial intelligence services, to revive these leads. But they don’t always work quite as well as we’d like.

One of the little known characteristics of highly successful entrepreneurs is knowing how to revive lost leads.  Below are several tips how to do that.

Just because a lead goes bad doesn’t mean it can’t be re-claimed. You just have to know how to do it in the most efficient way possible.


  • A lost lead doesn’t mean a lost lead

This heading may sound confusing. But what it refers to is lead data that’s gone bad. Bad leads often happen because the leads change their contact details without notifying you. Just because you’ve lost this data doesn’t mean they’re no longer a lead.

Part of the lead nurturing process is following your lead even when they disappear. Get back in touch with them again. Chances are good they didn’t change their contact details because of you.

For example, they may have forgotten about you and will probably be grateful you went to such lengths to re-contact them. That will increase your chances of converting them.

The best part about re-claiming a lead this way is they already know you. You are a friend to them. It plays on the art of persuasion because they know you, which makes you more trustworthy. So they’re more likely to listen to what you have to say.

  • Don’t let the spam filter stand in your way

Often, people lose business opportunities because of their spam filter. Your email provider will make changes that redirects a prospects emails to your spam inbox. Check on your spam filter regularly and see what parameters are in place.

Doing so may unearth a client hiding in the spam. So check your email spam box regularly to ensure nobody has slipped through the cracks. Then nurture these lost leads as if you just discovered them.

More important, find out it ended up in the spam folder in the first place. Chances are good it was due to an technical update that changed your spam filter.

By understanding what causes these emails to end up your spam box, you can change your own lead generation campaign. This will ensure your communications don’t find their way into someone’s email spam box. Nothing destroys an online reputation like a slew of emails that make their way straight to spam.

  • Out-of-office replies

The average US worker is in the office around 95% of the year. Despite US workers staying in the office most of the time, this doesn’t stop can’t slip through the cracks.

The out-of-office response is something that almost every company uses. But you have to go back to check the responses when you return to the office. If you don’t, you could lose out on leads.

You are losing a lot of potential business, especially if you happen to be working for a well-known company. The longer you leave leads to fester the less chance you have of getting that lead to convert.

Timing is everything in the B2B business. So if you allow these response to sit too long, prospects will forget about you. There’s no bigger waste than missing out on a lead because you didn’t notice their emails.

Stopping before you convert the lead

 The most common reason why you miss out on leads is because you stop well short of actually converting the lead. That’s because many companies often don’t know how many brand touches it takes to convert a lead. About 22% of companies say they touch their leads at least once a week.

It may take multiple contacts to convert a lead because the person initial speak to may not be the final decision maker. They may have to consult with someone else before they can make a commitment.

Many sales reps don’t grasp this, so they give up after a couple of email conversations. The truth is the lead can convert, but you have given up too early.

Re-claiming a lost sales lead is often easier said than done. But if you can learn how to do ti cost-effectivly, you can brings leads back into the sales funnel and eventually convert them.

How will you stop your company from losing leads today?