Mastering Facebook Advertising: 4 Secrets

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About 1.18 billion active users on average claim Facebook (FB) as their online hangout spot. Stay-at-home moms, CEO’s, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies all claim this social media giant as a primary marketing medium through its advertising program. 

So should you. Why? Because it can boost sales and profits.

But the key to doing this is learning how to leverage FB marketing. A thorough understanding of FB advertising can  transform your organization’s lead gen efforts regardless of your budget.

Drilling down into a specific audience by understanding their behaviors and interests online makes a big difference when it comes to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Optimize and master your campaign ads by understanding what makes them successful in the first place. Below are 4 secrets to mastering FB advertising.

  • Know Who To Target  

Too many businesses report that their target market isn’t restricted to one person or group—they want everyone. Even big companies like Nike and Walgreens, and Facebook have had to come to terms with the fact that some audiences just really prefer Reebok, CVS and Instagram over what they have to offer.

In a marketplace saturated by so many compelling alternatives, raking in profits from every person in existence is not a viable goal. So turn your targeting efforts to discovering your best potential market.

Keep in mind also that the most successful Facebook ads are the ones that target the lowest hanging fruit first. Here are some tips on doing that:

         — Focus on customers who’ve already used their credit card to check out of your site’s shopping cart

 — Use promotions to encourage email subscribers, website visitors, “friends” and “likers” of your FB page

—  Focus on developing a loyal audience, instead of gunning for world domination.

If you’re a new business, your first step in ensuring that you’re properly marketing your product or service is coming up with a clear concept of who your ideal customer is. Then create a buyer persona based on things like, their occupation, age, residence, hang outs, and challenges.

Having an idea of who your target audience is will help you not only zero-in on your Facebook audience and build your brand, but also determine how it interacts with its FB consumers.

  • Know What To Advertise

Audiences differ when it comes to what they want out of distinct messaging. Giving your customers a personalized experience will not only boost sales bust also establish a customer’s trust and loyalty.

To do that, you must ensure that potential and current consumers are aware that you have their best interest in mind and that they’re not just a random name on an email list. Here’s how you can do that:

— Make sure that only first time customers receive ads that encourage them to sign up

— Restrict VIP discounts to customers that haven’t yet interacted with your brand.

        — Introduce yourself to new customers by utilizing content that online users aren’t averse to seeing on their page

With one-third of shoppers making purchases after viewing a product featured in a video, your marketing team should incorporate video into its first time interactions with customers.

  • Make Ads Visual

Not entirely ready to get on board with video? Don’t sweat it. You can ease yourself into the transition by getting on board with visual content on FB ads.

Facebook’s algorithm favors visual content and so do Facebook users, which means blog posts and status updates will likely be overlooked by users.

In a world where users are 40X more likely to share content on social media when it is visual, marketers must find a way to appeal visually to their target audiences.

  • Create a Clear Call To Action

Your video ads won’t be worth a thing if they don’t encourage your audience to take action. Using a call-to-action (CTA) in all of your content, whether written or visual, is a must.

For the most part, when an advert finishes, viewers will simply continue to scroll through a page if there’s not a CTA. Don’t miss a potential customer purchase by allowing your audience to move onto the next ad.

Instead, encourage them to head to your site or make a purchase. Or, take things a step further by prompting them to make an immediate response with offers like  “Buy an item in the next hour to receive 20% off” or  “Become a free member today before the year is over.”

Last Word—Boosting your Brand

FB ads are powerful marketing tools. The best way to master them is to apply the same marketing principles that you would to brick-and-mortar signs. The goal is to grab a customer’s attention and generate interest.

You do these things by making the best use of a small, constricted space. Whether you get them to walk in the door or click through to your site, the right words and images can boost your brand.

Do you have any tips on FB advertising? Let us know about them.