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01 The Problem We Solve
02 How It Works
03 The Products


Progress? Admit it: You’re Stuck in the Mud.

Over the last ten to fifteen years, there have been all manner of advancements in B2B sales and marketing.

And yet, ROI isn’t getting better. Lots of sales people don’t hit quota and churn is unending. Most display ads get no clicks. Most visitors don’t fill out a lead form. Most leads don’t buy.

Maybe You’ve Been Fixing the Wrong Problem.

Maybe your problem isn’t more technology. Maybe your problem is that targeting sucks. And if sales and marketing are having to sort through all manner of companies who are not a good fit, no amount of sales and marketing technology will fix the underlying targeting problem.

Targeting sucks because traditional firmographics suck.
They aren’t accurate. They also weren’t designed for
artificial intelligence, either.

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Our Secret Sauce

We use natural language processing to interpret millions of websites to classify the degree a company is in a line of business. Big businesses and small do more than one thing. Gas stations have fast food stores. Google makes software, phones, consumer electronics, and lots of other things.

These lines of business are expressed as numbers.
And algorithms and data scientists love numbers, right?

We use other sources of data as well. Some public. Some licensed. All this data gets converted into numbers, which our data science team calls “vectors” and “dimensions.” We have company vectors, people vectors and even content vectors. We even have subvectors. Industry, for example, is a subvector of the company vector.

The vectors have dimensions. Lots of them.

The result? An entirely new, more
precise set of data for targeting.

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03 - The Products

B2B Lookalike Audiences: the Future of B2B
Sales and Marketing

With that data, we have a general-purpose lookalike audience engine.

You give us 50 (or more) of your best customers.
We find other companies that look just like them.
The lookalike audience engine discovers complex hidden patterns.
For each business the words that matter are unique to that business, like a fingerprint.


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