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A 25-Step B2B Marketing Playbook to Increase the Return on Sales and Marketing Resources Through Artificial Intelligence. 

How to win executive support for a more strategic approach to lead management.

How to set up a service level agreement between sales and marketing.

How artificial intelligence is changing sales and B2B marketing alignment.

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Chapter Breakdown

Complaints from Sales

Balancing B2B lead volume and lead quality with sales. 


How to be rapid, comprehensive, and reliable. 

Lead Follow-Up


Getting the follow-up info you need on leads in order to improve quality.

Feedback Loops


Common Funnel Language.

Common terminology from the B2B marketing industry at large.


Boost your revenue and scale more!

Get money


Learn which metrics matter and which don't. 



Meet the author

J. David Green leads the B2B marketing team and heads the LeadCrunch Labs, where he tests, optimizes and documents for clients and prospects best practices for using LeadCrunch solutions. 

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How to win the love of Sales